Keeping Me Awake


I never wanted anything so bad

 I threw all caution to the wind

I knew

The scent

The feeling

He’d created from within.

From without he was a simple man

A gentleman tried and true

I had never opened my own car door

And oh those eyes of blue

Keeping me awake at night

I’m thinking of them now,

And the love I might have lost

Because of something I had found.

I found myself at the end of a bottle

At least one night or two

Mostly on the nights I could not bear to think of you

The love I gave up

For a lack of better words,

In order to strengthen myself,

So not to be a burden to anybody else.

A baby bird with small wings

Unsure of the world

I found myself adrift

Making a mockery of that Girl.

The girl I used to be

Because I had met you

And never known another

The way that I knew you

We hurt the people we love most

And hurt ourselves along the way,

The things I would take back

I think about them everyday

My next words were a double ended sword

And I took the stab twice,

Consequences you won’t mind

When your fighting for the love of your life

To keep them in your arms

There is nothing you wouldn’t do,

Lie and steal and beg and cheat

The things you would go through

I know from experience

Because I’m still in love with you

Like the day we met at a sweet 16

Against that railing, no one knew.

Growing more and more each day

Both together and apart,

Separated by land or sea

You continue to hold my heart.


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