Blue Eyed Boy


Blue eyed boy.

You watch me like rain

Dripping down the window seal.

I fall into your arms

and am unafraid for the future.

Ive walked your room in circles

at least a thousand times in my head,

pacing around looking

at all the pieces we put our love together with.

Every photograph and small knick knack

like small stitches to our love,

without them there we may fall apart

but the love will still remain.

Tattered and a little worn

Like your jacket pocket that I mended

We will be re purposed

when these tired hands

can bring new life to our torn love.

For finding beautiful fabric takes time

and making our new heart threads takes skill

but I would work my whole life through

to regain the love that I once knew.

I need no diamonds from you my dear

just a few of your kisses here and there

I hope someday you might give them all to me

Blue eyed boy.


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