Punk Rock Mary and Little Will’


Punk rock Mary has hippy sweet soul,

She’s a wild child raised on Avenged Sevenfold.

A pastor’s daughter,

With one side of her head shaved

Every time she walks in church

The old ladies rage

Her hair crimped on the other

Pink converse under her long skirt

But they don’t know under that nice blouse

There’s a Falling in Reverse t-shirt.

She found some punk rock guy

Who turned out to be just a punk,

So she kicked him to the curb

And threw all of her things in her friend’s trunk.

She moved across the state

Up to the redwoods to explore,

Until things got complicated

Life had opened a new door.

When she took the test

It showed a positive sign

She was getting sick every morning

Before the sun came up to shine.

She told that punk the news

He said he didn’t want to play a part,

His young mind didn’t realize

He was breaking not one, but two hearts.

So she moved back to her home town

To let her secret free

Both families overjoyed,

For a new leaf on their family tree.

Things were looking up,

Still more obstacles would show

But Mary was one of twelve and

Told just how this would go.

A snarl to her enemies

A sly smile to her friends,

Few are around now

But they’re there till the end

She picked herself up,

Did what was right for her son

Worked to give him everything a baby needs

The blessing she had won

There’s no one quite like punk rock Mary

And her boy little Will

I think sometimes life is a crazy tumble

And sometimes even a beautiful spill.


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