A Few Moments of Vocal Ecstasy


Baby when it rains,

It pours,

But I still love you the same way,

Sometimes I may not hear from you

A month or just a day.

I know that I sound frantic

But I try not to worry you,

This heart is just a worrying,

Because it has nothing left to do.

I wish I had the words to describe

The reasons I sometimes feel blue.

I fear the words that I might speak

Will make me sound as a loose screw.

These connotations can mean anything

I need to hear your voice

Communications come in fuzzy

Confusing all the point.

I miss our conversations,

I miss your smirky smile

Each letter, each text I get from you

Pushes this blue into denial.

That’s all it takes

I might sound mad

Because your words are all I need

No silver or gold

Nor money or homes

Or even a shiny steed.

Just the tone of your voice

Can make me melt

Immediately I calm down.

So please give me that bliss

For just a few moments

They feel like oxygen when I drown.


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