Fear of the Lord/Blessings in Disguise

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I finally understand the fear of the Lord. I didn’t understand how to fear (or why I should fear) someone who is supposed to be all inspiring, all knowing, and have a love so steadfast and true it would be impossible to describe? Now, after you have been abruptly taken from me, and my being having been totally mutilated in the eyes of myself and thrown into exhaustion, I have grown a fear much larger than any I have experienced before. It is something I prayed to learn, prayed for Him to teach me. I almost regret it. Almost. But I know that because both His plan and you are completely divine, that you must be sent from Him and must be apart of this plan. I know excited peace and beloved sleep will replace this anxious toil, but only if I question Him no more. We will return again when we can both preform and understand, not for each other, nor ourselves, but for Him. I keep my eyes to the sky in the meantime; every night on that big ol’ moon, I will not hurt when all I see is that spectacular view. The memories of us I dwell in are always happy, never sad, and I owe it all to

The Fear of the Lord I almost never had.


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